end of rural idyll

Posted by jan oskar hansen on April 10, 2018 at 7:00 AM

At the end of rural Idyll


It has been a long day

lugging water, gas and fire-wood

up to the cabin

I hope it is the last time having to do this.

We are moving into a roomy flat in Cascais

it has a panoramic view over the bay, the sea

yes, it was my first love even though I`m loath

to admit it, but I will miss the trees and

the greenery of the woods, but what the hell

my almond tree will look after itself.

There is a lunch café on the first floor they also

bring food up if I feel tired of being polite.

What I will see now is the shifting stir of the ocean

and much time will be spent watching the bygone.

I know I will cry when leaving I was content here

although the local doctor from Moldavia thinks I behave

drunken Yeltsin, she has a good heart, wishes I could say

the same about her receptionist, we had an argument

and now I have to go to a private doctor for my medicine.

I have an old seagull on the roof can`t leave it alone to catch

it will be painful it will bite me, but when it sees the ocean,

it will be grateful to me.


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