spring beckoning

Posted by jan oskar hansen on March 13, 2018 at 4:40 AM

As the time of spring beckons


We all have this moment of clear-sightedness

when we see we are of little importance other to the world

and clear-eyed grasp our smallness.

We can in our tiny ways push the world forward an inch

perhaps to a fairer society where children do not die under

the rubble of concrete.

We can do nothing to stop these people who will push

us into an Armageddon, and will they somehow think

they can avoid the calamity when there is no one to blame.

There was a time when one could travel unmolested

in the Arabic world, then the smell of petroleum and

the white man came and destroyed the peace for greed.

No, not us the lesser people, we are victims too of their

hunger to dominate and enslave us in mortgages and loans

that can never be paid; so we watch and wait and when

the day of disaster comes shall I help the ruffians to my lifeboat.


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