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Posted by jan oskar hansen on May 30, 2020 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (0)



he died in his own

life time and that is sad, you see 99% of white people

thinking of working people

have been conditioned to believe that their skin color

sat the apart.

It is like the ordinary British who hanker for

the days when they were not as now

a tiny island run by the elites, enslaved by them

I do believe in a revolution, not mass slaughter as the French

evolution was

now that we see that our leaders believes in lies

they tall us, it is time to act



the big lie

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the big lie


I surprise me the wrong choices we make to stake

our living in the tourist industry which has no future

and consist of bringing some people from a to b,

instead of farming and smaller industry

I rather make holes in a horseshoe than being

an airline pilot, this useless occupation I can

think of.

We have sent our viable industry to China and

created hole for ourselves so the bosses can make

a few pounds more it is tragic our shortcomings,we

have been side blinded by false promises and we walk

to the precipice for a day in the sun.

we have been hoodwinked into thinking a holiday is a human

right it is not, but work is, then a holiday nearby.



the disappearnce

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The disappearance


The Gulf of Mexico suddenly ran into the Atlantic

left oil rigs high and dry.

Naturally, the USA claimed the land which was disputed

by Mexico and Cuba and Belize.

What was left of the gulf had rivers and lakes

and as the land greened it turned out to be fertile and

the Amish people encouraged to farm the land which they

did with earnest enthusiasm.

Village sprang up, roads were built, and the famous

veterinarian Jan Pol opened up his practice as well.

As years went by, people forgot that they were farming

on what has been the bottom of a sea.

The sea had not forgotten.

Slowly seeping in and those who had built luxury houses

were the first to leave, but the fishery thrived and

the shrimp business had a revival.

There was a mass exodus, and the Amish people went

back farming the land they knew.

When the water had claimed, all of the gulf and people

forgetting. There was only Wikipedia left to give

a brief outline of the past.


inland waterway

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inland waterway




I joined the rowing boat in the middle of the dry lake

when a dust storm came whirling around screaming nasty words

and the shoreline disappeared.

The captain came down from the bridge wanted his lunch

but he had to wait till the wind stopped which it did

in the afternoon.

I walked ashore, at the cafe, they knew about the order

the captain had sent a text message.

I eat the food here, and I said no point wrapping it up-

Driving home helicopters were using my lake as a training ground

no, there would not be an inland waterway here

no matter how much it rains the lake will only be a soggy hole

but how to explain this to the captain.


time is lookng up

Posted by jan oskar hansen on May 26, 2020 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Time is looking up


Today, for the first time in months

the restaurant was opening, and we had a proper

meal served

by a real waiter, although they were obliged

to use masks.

good food on a big table not too man people around

we had a wonderful time with a glass of red wine.

On Sunday the beaches were full and no one respected

the distance of two-meter,

I wasn´t there I dislike walking on sand and the voices

of young people reminded me of times gone by,

and of course. I do not tolerate sunlight after skin cancer.

But it was pleasing to get hot food, and not too something

served in boxes and left outside, warmed in the micro

still smelling of paper boxes.



dreamy ├žandscape

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dreamy landscape


I followed a narrow track leading up

to the mountain that has a flat, earthy soil.


The dog refused to follow.


On top the sun was hot had a dizzy spell I saw was a patent donkey

before I fainted.


Someone carried me to a stream with clear water

I drank and found a lump of sugar in my pocket


when I looked around, I saw no one, went to sleep

I used a soft stone as a pillow.


When rested, I walked down on the other side found

a nice bar telling what has happened.


No, no leave the little people alone

we need them more than ever.


They sing for us when nightfall and unafraid

we sleep well and live long.


When coming out of the bar, my dog was waiting

she found a track around the mountain


she led the way looked back to see if I was safe

I had been too long in the bar.


Now I could hear the murmur of their voices so blessed

that dog stop barking.


I slept all night and had no nightmare of a coming war

the scent of thyme seeped down into the valley.



Red Indians

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Red Indians



This afternoon was spent watching an old western movie

it was the usual stuff cavalry in spotless uniforms

sitting on tall horses facing a bunch of extras playing

the Indians appeared incredible stupid, were rounded up

and herded back to their dry reservation and poverty.

First time I saw the movie 40 years ago, we laughed a

the Indians they were like a pantomime act how could they

ever rule themselves?

Sometimes I think the Israelis see the Palestinians this way

they have no weapon are reduced throwing stones at soldiers

who no longer care to kill them only knee-cap them.

Dirty Palestinians living in filth, and no think how it came about.

Israel can stop their water supply at a whim.

Oh, those Arabs when are they throwing in the towel and become

quaint people tourists will flock to see.


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since people outside wear masks

and I can´t see if they laugh or cry.

Since bars are shut.

Since I´m reduced to look at ladies handbags

in the posh shops nearby

there no point going out.



the month of birth

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The month of birth



The month of the year when born

does matter

My brother was born in June

and sunlight followed him all his days.

And friend he had many warming

their meager souls in his light.

I was born a mournful October morning

the sky cried, and the nurse said

he has an old soul.

In my presence, people tend to go away gloomy

and moderate my opinion.

Rain does not stop for happiness

and a wish I will shut up.

I have a few friends wish I had more, but October

is not so forgiving



Posted by jan oskar hansen on May 24, 2020 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Sunday morning



I like to go home

to the village in the mountain

and the dog that loved me unreservedly

but she wanted to reinforce our bond

stroking her head whispering sweet words

I like to look back a whole lifetime for a dog

she was proud of me, a couple for a stroll

through her life.

Looking back I think this was my best moment

the creation of true friendship.