Another War.

Posted by jan oskar hansen on March 18, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Another War?

The young prime minister is declaring war he looks righteous and

proud, his historical moment. ...We fight for the Libyan people,

but something disturbs me, the braying for one man’s blood.

The excitement of going to war, this lust for action sits deep in our

mind, jingoism brings its own political reward.

A just war? The man Kaddafi is an odious bully and oil supply must

be secured. But is it not also a selective war? People are being killed

in Yemen, an oil poor country; why not declaring war against their

repellent autocrat?

For now the Israeli are busy building settlements on occupied land,

they know a democratic Middle East will shift the balance of power,

a united Arab world will demand it. So let the war commence, but

I regret our leaders look of, almost, sexual excitement when issuing

orders kill the enemy.


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