On a hot day and a smelter

Posted by jan oskar hansen on August 10, 2010 at 10:48 AM

On a hot day and a Smelter


There is in Qatar or Dubai a friendly aluminum smelter for sale,

I have never owned an aluminum smelter, the one pictured in

the TV advert looks ok. Now that my wife is on holiday, I have

time to cruise on the TV, but this is the first time I have come

across a smelter. I buy food at a deli and warm it up at home,

the food taste just as my wife’s cooking. Not that I have seen

her peel potatoes, she just opens the kitchen door and hollers:

“Food’s ready, come and get it! I have had many cars, all old

ones, this mainly cause I can’t pay for anyone chauffeuring me

about, nor have I money to buy a new car every year.

Aluminum smelter! Wouldn’t that be something? I met a man

in a bar, said he was a retired poet. Not well paid, I presumed,

same old suit, gone shiny and green by age. Told him about

the affable smelter in Dubai, speculated what it would cost to

buy one? (No price mentioned in the advert) The ex. poet paid

no attention, through the bar’s window he had seen a donkey

with straw hat walking past, and regretted his retirement.

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