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Posted by jan oskar hansen on July 6, 2010 at 4:34 AM

Blank Page

This new blank page, a word processor page, I cannot touch. I ought to leave it this

way, just look at it and dream of what I could have written on it. If I delete the words

I have written now, it will be blank again, no history, no crumbled up sheet of paper

in the wastebasket. For now it is too late but I might erase it when I come to an end.

My wife was in Johannesburg once for surgery, being born in Congo but light skinned

and travelling on a Portuguese passport, she boarded a bus for the blacks.

Great consternation, she was told by police to go on the white only bus since she

was Portuguese. Racism and anti Semitism are so stupid, it makes no sense, one race

thinks it is superior to others. Now it is the Moslems who are feeling the surge

of ignorance. We want them to be more like us and not Insist of doing their own things.

In Israel, for instance the European Jews feel vastly superior to Arab Jews, This in a state

that is an artificial construct . The culture of Europe in the Middle East. We know Israel,

as it exist today must come to an end. So there I said it, this white virtual sheet has been

befouled by an opinion no one wants to know about. So what do I do know? Erase this

page so it is blank again and I can write about the moon?

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