Transvaal, a love story

Posted by jan oskar hansen on June 18, 2010 at 8:28 AM

Transvaal (love story)

South Africa! I remember her well. She came to my shores

a summer day, a voluptuous brunette, but I’m no longer sure

if she had green eyes. She was bright, had studied insects,

but hated spiders, and she knew who was the president of

USA. A tough girl who could look after herself, I liked that.

A perfect match, but why did she have to be so young?

September had met May, no future in that. I was in love but

for her I was perhaps a mere a summer flirt. I avoided her

romanced a woman nearer my age. That made her angry

but I had the heartache. She left, when autumn leaves began

to fall, my sweet South African girl. My dream was that she

and I should cross the Argentinean and see many sunrises

in our sleeping bag. What a fool was, I could have asked her,

but self confidence is not my game, she might have said yes.

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