they are coming to take me away aha

Posted by jan oskar hansen on June 6, 2010 at 9:12 AM

They Are Coming to Take Me Away…. Aha.

New law, cars are to be micro chipped, no matter where you park

the car the authority will now. Security cameras are spreading, like

a plague from city centers to the country side, wherever you

walk you’re seen. It used to be old ladies, behind laced curtains,

who spied on me when I came back from the bar, a little unsteady,

my dog leading the way; now a patrol car may be gliding up asking

what I’m doing walking on the road so late. Do no growl dog, you

are micro chipped; don’t upset the nice men in uniform. For me:

hold your tongue, do not get fresh, and tell them to mind their own

business, after all it is your security they are concerned about and

they know where you live. Do not cover your windows with heavy

curtains, the drones flying silently about, can’t see what you are up

to; this is for your own good in case there is a break in at your home.

Blindly we walk into this trap set for us in the name of our wellbeing.

Soon we all will be micro chipped whether we like it or not.

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