before wine is drunk

Posted by jan oskar hansen on June 2, 2010 at 7:25 AM

Before wine is drunk

We are going to an art exhibition this afternoon, but first we have to

buy groceries, cabbage, leek, bread, margarine, milk and tomatoes.

You can’t eat a picture even if it displays an orange beside a banana,

“I will give you “The Scream” for a boiled potato and a slice or two

of yesterday’s loaf,” the poor artist said. I had no time to cook, gave

him ten shilling and hung the painting in the toilet; it was stolen by

a guest who needed a leak. He sold it for a million; the painter got

his photo in the newspaper and was never hungry again, I have a pale

square on the bathroom wall. Günter Grass, I always think of horses

when mentioning his name, paints still-life and his yellow in lemons

is stunning, I drink tea with citron for weeks after seeing his work.

I have no original paintings on my walls. But many prints, and that’s

ok, I just like art, but dislike fake experts who think they know what

the painter thought of when putting wonder on his blank canvass.

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