frogs or trolls

Posted by jan oskar hansen on November 28, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Trolls or Frogs

It has been raining for days, fine gentle precipitation and

the sun ravaged ground, where I walk among olive trees,

has turned deep green hiding gray stones in a verdant

blanket of love. It is like a second spring minus a hot sun,

a respite before the real winter sets in. A few big frogs

cross my path it appears they wear black woolly coats, but

perhaps I’m mistaken, they could be tiny trolls only seen

by a privileged few. They live under the stones and since

they do not read or have computers I wonder how they

spend time. What did I do before computers and the lure

of the internet? I did read hundreds of novels, but I have

little patience for long books now. But I do read poetry,

mainly written by the not so famous. The landscape smells

new and fragrant, like it has had a bath and is half asleep.

The ground is soft as a carpet in a luxury hotel, so I have to

try walking lightly and not upset new plants. Deep silence

except from a silky murmour, I think it is stones talking.

The light is fading; time to go home light the fire, switch on

the computer read and see how the world is getting along.

The frogs, or trolls, can jolly look after themselves, but

I remember eating frog legs in Alabama... tasted like chicken.

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