birthday party

Posted by jan oskar hansen on November 24, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Birthday Party

Wolves and foxes had promised me not to fight on my birthday and

I made meaty cakes just for them; But black ravens I had not invited,

came too, egged them on, while also cruelly harassing sparrows in

the plum tree. I had put lights up on the trees in the garden but they

could not on my, day behave. I took the cakes inside, switched off

the lights went to bed and cried. A rumble in the forest, a bear came

told them to behave and be kind to me, mainly because I had baked

it a straw berry tart. The party continued, and squirrels sat on trees

squeaking happy birthday to you as I threw them nuts. In the animal

world it is all about food and as long as you can provide you’re a friend.

Except the raven they do not care, are contemptuous of my feeble,

attempt to be loved by unruly members of the Corvidae family.

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