global warming

Posted by jan oskar hansen on November 18, 2011 at 8:20 AM

Global Warming

Thawed ice on Poles, polar bears have moved into towns, walk about

looking for ice. One lives in my garden I feed it herrings it plays with

plastic sheets and sucking on golf balls. Occasionally it also feeds on

seagulls stupid enough to land there. Sea has risen; seals wander up

high streets, pretend to be cute dogs; people who take them in find

the beast occupying the bathtub, refuses to leave, good people will

have to wash in the kitchen sink. Poles are barren, only ice cubs in

my freezer. I feel guilty when putting ice in my whisky, lest my bear

hears the jangle. One can’t give alcohol to animals, they’ll think they

are French, drink absinthe, eat frogs and snails; behave with urban

sophistication and buy elegant Dior dresses.

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