Posted by jan oskar hansen on August 10, 2017 at 3:40 AM


The owner of my bar died

his widow opened windows wide

and life flooded in; sun light

in my corner of happy misery.

My glass of brandy paled in a flash

of naked light.

I escaped to the bar`s loo,

but the cleaners were there

smelling disinfectant and soap.


There was nothing for it, but to face

the outside where the sky is molten lava

dripping heat.

Black dressed preachers of doom,

at last another bar, a twilight zone

with blinking neon light.


Shield me from the brutal day to a place

where men don`t turn their head

when someone enters, but spend their time

following an echo of a dream

they once had.

I`m safe here and tomorrows will never come,

as I sail in on the sea

of make belief



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