war, the real thing

Posted by jan oskar hansen on July 15, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Wars, the real thing


I like wars, the real thing as it was in Stalingrad

and now Mosul, wish I was there.

War, is bloody, messy Sadistic, violent and merciless.

body parts, all over the place bombed out building,

shoot the bastards and if the enemy survives

kill and throw them in the river Tigress.

Their cock sucking whores had slept with the enemy,

string them up; there is no excuse for youth, hang them

high and let their disgusting corpses twist in the wind

and be eaten by crows.

“Good Morning Vietnam”. Oh, fuck off!!!

“Saving Ryan.” What sentimental twaddle.

That`s why I dislike American war movies, with a love interest.

The colour full explosion in the jungle, do they think it is 4th of July.

I love real wars it gives spectators and soldiers a meaning.

living at the edge of life and death.


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