the pope and statues

Posted by jan oskar hansen on July 14, 2017 at 5:05 AM

The Pope and statues


Confounded old age, I keep looking on a black screen, on a plateau of nothingness

Except for the ridiculous idea, I ought to travel to Rome and see the statues

I once wrote about, and perhaps meet the Pope, and we can talk about this and that.

I must meet him now before the Vatican machinery brainwash him into a Pope

wearing glorious robes, a person of empty rituals.

If I get to meet him, he could dress up in a smart Italian suit, and we could go for

a walk and look at the statues together.

Drink beer and eat Brazilian sausages with Italian flare; tell him a secret so deep

he may think me deluded.

Dear brother Frances, your name is Erik, we are twins, shared the same womb,

but I was kidnapped by the Roma people and grew up in poverty the underdog

in our democratic world; and you are the bishop of Rome.

There will be a stunned silence, either he accept my story and embrace me,

or he calls the Swiss guards; whichever he will not forget me and the statues.


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